Love Is Blind fans are convinced that one of the couples have gotten back together 2 years ago

Love Is Blind fans are convinced that one of the couples have gotten back together

Love Is Blind fans are convinced that one of the couples have gotten back together.

Over the last few weeks the unscripted Netflix series has become one of our not-so-guilty pleasures.


Basically, it involves a group of singletons who - in an effort to be loved for who are they are, rather than what they look like - sign up for an unconventional approach to dating: meeting the person they want to spend the rest of their life with, without ever seeing them.

After getting engaged, they meet for the first time - and then head back into the real world, where they see if they can turn their emotional connection into a physical one, as they plan their wedding day.

The finale episode, which landed on Thursday, saw the couples head to the altar and say I do (or I don't) to their other half - you can find out the outcome here. And with a reunion headed to our screens next week, fans are keen to find out which couples are (or aren't) still together.

As a result, it looks like people may have uncovered proof that one of the couples have decided to give their relationship another go.


Possible spoilers lie beyond this photo. 

Fans are convinced that Damian and Giannina have given their relationship another shot after some recent Instagram posts.

The end of the Bachelorette/Bachelor Party episode saw Gi open her heart and say 'I do' to Damian. But when the finale picked up, Damian was asked if he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Giannina - to which he said, "I do not."


He then tried to explain why he didn't want to get married, as she ran out of the wedding venue. In a later confrontation, Gi ripped off part of wedding dress and told him he could have his bow back, in a nod to his earlier proposal.

However, since the wedding episode was filmed - Love Is Blind was filmed in late 2018 - it looks like the pair have put the past behind them...and may have given things another go.

Basically, it all has to do with sunflowers.


In early January, Damian shared a shirtless photo of himself in a field of sunflowers as he announced his return to Instagram.

And it turns out Giannina shared a photo of herself in what appears to be the same field back in November.


Total coincidence? A move to throw people off their relationship status? Who knows. One thing's for sure - we'll find out at the reunion.