Love Island Australia's new boy looks EXACTLY like this Hollywood heartthrob 3 years ago

Love Island Australia's new boy looks EXACTLY like this Hollywood heartthrob

He's a dead ringer for the actor... but don't tell him that.

Day two without Love Island and if you haven't turned to the Australian version for comfort just yet, you really should.


Honestly, Eoghan McDermott might not be the same as Iain Sterling and some of the slang might go totally over our heads, but the drama is fierce.

Yep, we're only a week in and there's already been lots of crying, screaming and in the words of Wes, bits.

And tonight is a good night to tune in as the villa welcomes a new boy to the group and he looks eerily familiar.


In a look ahead to tonight’s episode, we meet new boy Jaxon and if you didn’t immediately see the resemblance between him and Charlie Hunnam then let us show you.

Not only does Jaxon have the slicked back blonde ‘do that the Sons Of Anarchy actor is known for, he’s got the same blue eyes and beard, AND the name of the bloody show tattoo’ed on his back.

Oh and if you don’t watch SOA, then you might not know that Charlie Hunnam’s character is called Jax, like two letters short of Jaxon – we know, madness.


And the resemblance between him and the SOA star has not gone unnoticed by viewers.


Scrolling through Jaxon’s Instagram, it’s clear that he’s well aware of the similarities between him and the Hollywood actor, and even has made money off of it.

But apparently, despite all the nods to Hunnam, Jaxon doesn’t actually like when people point it out.


He probably won’t be too happy about Eden’s reaction to him then.

Love Island Australia returns to 3e tonight at 9pm.