Love Island fans accuse Olivia and Zara of creating fake drama for the cameras 8 months ago

Love Island fans accuse Olivia and Zara of creating fake drama for the cameras

What do we think?

Love Island fans are accusing Olivia and Zara of creating fake drama following the beef between the two we've seen over the last week.


And with tonight's preview, fans are only speculating it more than ever.

The series is only a week in and already we've seen a few different fights break out, but most appear to be between Olivia and Zara - but what is confusing people the most is the fact that they seem to know each other well outside of the villa.

With a feud coming out of nowhere with the two girls after a comment about Olivia being two faced was made by Zara, she was left fuming - but nothing has been said about their friendship outside of the show.

The fight has since escalated as Olivia accused Zara of "coming for her" the second she came in as a bombshell and only developed further when Zara chose Olivia's partner Tom in the recoupling - despite Olivia intending to choose Haris.


It wasn't long before fans discovered the two followed each other on Instagram and have for years, commenting on posts that date back to 2020. One of Olivia's comments on Zara's post from three years ago is also pinned, with the two giving each other compliments.

Now fans are convinced the two are purposely creating drama as a way of getting more screen time - or that producers are forcing them to do it.

One fan said: "So Olivia and Zara knew each other long before love island... I'm losing hope on this show. All scripted and fake..."


Another wrote: "So are we just pretending that Olivia and Zara haven’t planned all this fake drama for airtime when they’re clearly besties on insta."

A third wrote: "I’m starting to think the Zara and Olivia beef is fake, they know each other and could have gone in with a plan to create drama."

While a fourth wrote: "Now that I know Zara and Olivia know each other this whole thing feels fake af."

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