Love Island fans are calling for a staff pay rise after noticing Shaq and Tanya's subtle change 2 months ago

Love Island fans are calling for a staff pay rise after noticing Shaq and Tanya's subtle change

Listening to our prayers.

Love Island fans are begging ITV to give their staff a pay rise after they noticed a big change to the show following Tanya and Shaq's steamy bedtime kiss.


Only three episodes in and we finally saw the first kiss of the series outside of a challenge as the two couldn't keep their hands off each other.

And while the moment was a sweet one, fans were much happier when they realised producers had made a massive change to the show while they did kiss.

They've gotten rid of the sloppy kissing sounds that the microphones picked up in bed - or at least they've just turned them down.

Taking to Twitter, one fan said: "Whoever turned the mics down this year during the kissing deserves a promotion."


A second added: "Pay rise to whoever turned the mics down for their kissing this year. the music over tanya and shaq was too good #loveisland"

Other fans noticed that this wasn't the only thing, but that the mics actually appear to be bigger this year.

One person wrote: "just me or has love island changed the mics to being a bit bigger??"


Another penned: "Why are the mics bigger this season #LoveIsland."

A third noted: "Yessss I’m here for the fluffy mics to sort out that wind #LoveIsland."

The mics actually seem to have covers on them this year to block out the sounds of the wind, as there has been some extreme weather hitting the villa.

The launch of this season's Love Island was "thrown into chaos" after extremely bad weather hit the South African villa, reports have claimed.


According to The UK Sun, strong winds have made it difficult to film the show's opening scenes as they all arrived in the villa for the first time, and almost completely ruined Maya Jama's first-ever Love Island entrance.

Thankfully, the scenes of Maya arriving by helicopter were filmed before the weather “caused mayhem”, but the islanders weren't so lucky.

The islanders this year reportedly got a bit of a shock when they arrived at the villa as they were left shivering around the firepit, as well as the sound and lighting affected by the wind.

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