Love Island fans are showing their worry for Kendall ahead of tonight's recoupling 3 years ago

Love Island fans are showing their worry for Kendall ahead of tonight's recoupling

Is it all too much too soon?

After last night's episode, which saw a vulnerable and fragile Kendall take to the screen, people are now turning to social media to show worry and concern for Kendall as tonight's episode sees the girls choose who they want to recouple with. Fans believe if Kendall recouples with Adam, it could all end in disaster.


The 26-year-old has already had her fair share of upset and confusion in the Love Island villa, showing how vulnerable and insecure she is over how Adam's feeling and trying to predict what move he will make next, it is clear it's causing her inner torment and now, fans are worried that Adam is set to move on to new girl Rosie and Kendall will be left heartbroken.

Before Love Island, Kendall was set to marry her long-term boyfriend however, admitted when she entered the villa that he woke up one morning and decided he didn't love her anymore and the two parted ways as of recent.

Viewers are now concerned that Kendall jumped on the Love Island bandwagon far too soon and needs time to "heal" after her traumatic breakup prior to Love Island.

Adam has already basically admitted that Kendall is too insecure for him (like his previous exes) - he has shared a kiss with new girl Rosie who has openly admitted she has a crush on him and now Kendall is left to choose who to recouple with tonight.

However, fans think its not recoupling or Love Island Kendall needs but to exit the villa and focus on herself.


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Love Island returns to 3e tonight at 9pm.