Love Island fans threaten to complain to Ofcom after Gemma and Davide's kiss 1 year ago

Love Island fans threaten to complain to Ofcom after Gemma and Davide's kiss

And so they begin.

Love Island viewers have threatened to make a complaint to Ofcom after 19 year old Gemma kissed 27 year old Davide on the show last night after a round of dares.


The hit dating show returned last night for a new season and saw Michael Owen's daughter locking lips with the Italian bombshell arrival.

The two kissed after the cast were given a series of dares, which left the two in this situation and left viewers with a lot of concerns due to their age gap.

Taking to Twitter, viewers complained about the kiss and even went as far as threatening to report it to Ofcom.

One person wrote: "If Gemma and Davide end up together the Ofcom complaints are gunna be WILD it’s just so wrong.”


Another said: "If Davide and Gemma couple up I'm writing to Ofcom.”

A third wrote: ""I’m sorry but how old is Davide, because if he’s over 25 and he ends up with Gemma, I'm definitely complaining with OFCOM."

A fourth added: "Don’t care no one above 25 should be getting with someone who’s got teen in their age."


Another then said: "I'm going to email Ofcom if Gemma and Davide get together, this should be illegal."

Gemma's appearance on the show left viewers confused after it was confirmed that she had only turned 19 years old, being born in 2003.

Many said she was too young to be on the show and too young to be looking for "the one".

Fans claimed that there should be an age limit on the series, with many saying that nobody under the age of 21 should be allowed on.


Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: "Why is a 19 year old on the show? This is so sad."

Another added: "Ngl the minimum age for Love island should be 21+ 19 is wayyyy to young."