Love Island first look: The new bombshells take their pick as Ellie causes a stir 1 month ago

Love Island first look: The new bombshells take their pick as Ellie causes a stir


Love Island is back tonight and as the new bombshell's enter the villa, they have to choose who they're going to couple up with.


As they have the chance to choose first, the villa is about to go into sheer chaos.

First up is Ellie and as she steps forward, she says: "I’ve decided to couple up with this boy because from what I’ve seen so far he seems really funny, he’s handsome, I don’t think he’s met his match yet and I’m really looking forward to getting to know him better. The boy I’d like to couple up with is…”

But who does she have her eye on?

Spencer is next and he says: "She seems genuine and straight up.”


But how will his decision go down?

The recoupling continues as one of the boys steps forward to pick a girl and reveals: "I can genuinely see myself falling in love with her."

But who is the islander? And who is he talking about?


As Spencer gets to know his new partner, he reveals what he does for work: "So I sell online, I sell vibrators.”

The girl responds: “Do you? Really? Is that your job title?”

Spencer replies: “I’m the Director of the company”.


She asks: “Director of Vibrators?”

Spencer agrees: “You could say that…”

It isn't long before the islanders head out on a brunch date, and what better way for the new bombshells to get to know everyone?

Fresh fruit and pastries are set out in the garden as they enjoy breakfast in their couples.

Meanwhile, one couple talk love as he says: “I can see us having a relationship on the outside, I wanna know every little thing about you, everything.”


She replies: “I just can’t wait to be like, 'That’s my boyfriend'”.

He tells her: “I like the way that sounds, that sounds good.”

Ellie, on the other hand, is causing a stir as she tells one of the boys: "I just think everyone is so desperate to be married off, they’re shook.”

As they talk one of the girls watching on says: “She seems ballsy.”

One girl then pulls Ellie for a chat, but what's about to go down?