Love Island's Lucie Donlan admits she almost quit the show because of bullying 1 year ago

Love Island's Lucie Donlan admits she almost quit the show because of bullying

She gave a candid interview.

The lovely Lucie Donlan has revealed that she considered walking out of the Love Island villa.

She said her reason was female rivals “ganging up” on her.

Speaking to The Sun, she said:

"I did think about quitting. There was one night when I was really upset, because the girls had drilled it into Joe that I shouldn’t be spending all this time with Tommy."

Continuing, Lucie revealed she couldn't trust her fellow Islanders:

"He came to talk to me about it but I was more upset by what they had done. After that, I didn’t really want to speak to them because I felt I couldn’t trust them enough. I thought if I did, they might bitch about me behind my back."

"I can remember sitting there crying and thinking, ‘Will it be like this all the way through? Oh God, I won’t be able to cope with that’. Love Island was meant to be fun."

The 21-year-old admitted that she just wanted to have some fun, and maybe find someone.

"All I wanted was to have a laugh and try to find a boyfriend. But those girls are not like me. They like drama. It was like being in a school playground. I felt really alone and I didn’t know who I could talk to."


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Lucie also said that Irish Islander, Maura Higgins, supported her.

"Maura and I were inseparable in the villa. I don’t know how I’d have done it without her. We both had a hard time and supported each other. When she first came into the villa, she said to me, ‘I realise how they’ve been treating you and I don’t like to see it, so I’m going to back you’."

"Then, when Arabella came in, she told the other girls immediately that she had seen what had been happening between them and me — that they had all ganged up on me."

"They denied it but they obviously realised bad things were being shown on TV. And they didn’t like it, so they backed off after that."