Love Island: Lucinda is getting to know Aaron in tonight's episode 1 year ago

Love Island: Lucinda is getting to know Aaron in tonight's episode

Fair play.

Brad's side of the bed isn't even cold yet and Aaron has already made his move on Lucinda - a true gent.


And in fairness to the guy, this is Love Island, not Single Island, so hey, what can you do?

In tonight's episode, the islanders are still discussing Brad's sudden departure when he was dumped from the show on Wednesday night, after deciding Lucinda should stay on in the villa a bit longer.

But for some, it seems as if the dust has already settled a considerable amount, as Aaron wastes no time pulling Lucinda for a chat.

Speaking at the fire pit with Aaron, Lucinda asks him what he thinks of the latest bombshell: What do you think of AJ?" she asks.


“She’s a nice girl. Honestly, I’d prefer to get to know you," Aaron replies. Alright there, sir.

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Lucinda says: “Me? Really? God, I didn’t know that.”

Neither did we, girl.


Speaking in the Beach Hut, Aaron says: “I’m very attracted to Lucinda. She’s a beautiful girl. We have this little thing where even if we’re in a group, it’s like a lingering eye contact and little smile. I don’t think she has that with other people.”

Lucinda says later in the Beach Hut that she wouldn't be opposed to chatting to Aaron a bit more either: “Aaron is definitely someone I’d like to get to know more. We do have a good connection.”

This comes after Brad said that he would most likely wait for Lucinda on the outside, given the connection they had, and that he wishes they had left together.


He said, after his departure: "For me, straight off, I said ‘I’ll leave’. I’m kind of hoping she [Lucinda] doesn’t find love in there, because maybe we can carry on from where we left off. I had a bit more time than her, so going off time alone it’s only fair that she got her fair shot at it."

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One.