Love Island producers are apparently desperate to keep Siannise after she became a meme 1 month ago

Love Island producers are apparently desperate to keep Siannise after she became a meme

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I mean, fair.

The other night, Love Island was - as it always is - on.

A fair few things happened, the most notable one being the entrance of Rebecca, who stated again and again that she was going to steal someone's man.

And in fairness to her, she has actually been doing a fairly good job of doing just that - so fair play to her.

While Rebecca was making her entrance though; that was where the real intensity went down. Because Siannise death stared down the camera while clapping, and it was nothing short of incredible.

Genuinely incredible scenes.

It wasn't long before Siannise, naturally, became a meme as people took it upon themselves to insert her genuinely haunting expression into a series of every day scenarios.

Left the emersion on? Siannise.

Forgot your house keys and your housemates aren't home? Siannise.

Been possessed by a demon that has attached itself to your home and the only way to exorcise yourself is to allow your man to be stolen by a Greek goddess who also kinda looks like Tracy Barlow? Siannise.

Incredible scenes all round.

So much so, that apparently Love Island producers are desperate to keep Siannise in the villa, despite the fact that she could easily be dumped at one of the next recouplings.

A source told Mail Online that producers were hoping to push Siannise to get with Connagh again, even though he didn't have a whole lot of interest before.

"Bosses have put a lot of pressure on Siannise to go after Connagh, they want her to be in a romantic couple and not at risk of being dumped at this week's re-coupling," they said.

"Siannise has become an internet sensation thanks to her incredible reaction to Rebecca's arrival.

"They want her to move on from platonic couplings like with Nas and Connor and pursue her connection with Connagh – and hopefully star in more memes along the way!"