Love Island will be airing this summer - the Australian version, that is 3 months ago

Love Island will be airing this summer - the Australian version, that is


Down Under, that is.

Love Island 2020 has been cancelled. Well, the summer version of Love Island 2020 has been cancelled - the Winter version went ahead earlier this year. It was fine, we persevered.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, ITV decided that it was not feasible to stick a load of people in a villa and filming them touching each other and kissing for two months.

Which was a good shout, in fairness. The FOMO would have been far too real.

However we needn't worry, because ITV2 and Virgin Media 3 are going to air a series of Love Island anyway. An Australian series, that is.

It won't be the same, but it will fill the void. We won't be as invested, but it will do. We probably won't even bother watching the thing, but sure look, they're trying, alright?

"The series sees a bunch of sizzling Aussie singles embark on the ultimate summer of love, leaving the Australian winter behind them, as they take up residence in a luxury villa in Mallorca," read a statement released this week.

"Playing the definitive game of love, the Aussie Islanders will get to know each other in the hope of finding romance.

"But as new bombshells arrive on the Island, which couples will stand the test of time and make it all the way to the final, and have a chance of bagging the $50,000 cash prize."

The Australian version of the reality TV dating show is narrated by Ireland's own Eoghan McDermott and hosted by Sophie Monk.

It remains to be seen whether ITV2 will be showing the 2018 or 2019 instalment of the show, but either way it honestly doesn't matter because Virgin Media have already broadcasted both series in the past.

Virgin Media 3 will also be airing season one of Love Island Australia weeknights at 10pm from Thursday June 11.

If you didn't watch 'em that time around, now's your chance. Listen, enjoy it. There's very little else you'll be doing.