Love Island's Alex shares 'slouched v posed' pic highlighting changes to her body 1 year ago

Love Island's Alex shares 'slouched v posed' pic highlighting changes to her body

Good on her.

Despite being a late-comer to the reality dating show, Alexandra Cane emerged as a bit of a hero on this year's Love Island. 

The fact that she got mugged off by Dr Alex (really?) didn't stop her from amassing an Instagram following considerably larger than most of this year's contestants - partly because she's absolutely stunning, but also because she's just a solid gal, really.

And Alexandra just got even more solid today.

The reality star took to the Gram to share a video of herself slouching and posing to highlight the differences between the way her body appears to look, literally just depending on what way she's sitting.

This whole idea isn't entirely new - people have been posting IG v Reality pics since the dawn of time (or the app, whatever) - but Alex is the first Love Islander to address the issue on her own account.

Here's the post:

"This is the reality that all of us have but not all choose to share which is totally ok - Instagram is a place to share our highlights, right?!" she wrote.

"And who really wants to share our “not so perfect” moments with the fear of being judged? I am definitely guilty of enjoying posting nice photos but this is just a reminder to keep things in perspective.

"That girl who looks glam all of the time also has moments at home with her hair looking like a birds nest, dry ass skin, sleep in her eyes... and the rest lol."

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“Act casual” Jeans: @manieredevoir (the perfect fit)

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Despite the fact that Alex is literally a size 10, she was classed as one of the "bigger" contestants on this year's series of show - just because she has hips, to be honest.

And although what she looks like slouched and what we looked like slouched are still a million miles away from each other, her point still stands.

What you see is often not what you get.