Love Island's Alexandra already knows someone in the villa... VERY well 7 months ago

Love Island's Alexandra already knows someone in the villa... VERY well

They kept that very quiet.

Last night, we saw new girl Alexandra enter the villa in a bid to shake things up.

And the gorgeous brunette certainly made a strong entrance, leaving everyone watching excitedly to see what was to come from the 27-year-old.

Her first item on the agenda? Taking Dr Alex on a date and, for once, it wasn't horrifically awkward to watch.

Yes, Alex might not be Mr Smooth, but last night he held his own with the 'Amazonian princess' (as he referred to her!).

Later asking New Jack for brunch, Alexandra was left a little taken aback when the 22-year-old immediately shut down any possibility of a romantic relationship.

Telling her he was happy with Laura, Jack proceeded to spend the rest of the date bigging up Alex - bless!

Visibly nervous, Alexandra returned to the villa to be introduced to everyone but there was one person that didn't need any introductions.

Eagle-eyed Twitter viewers were quick to dig up a picture of the makeup artist with one of the current islanders and they look very pally indeed.

Yep, Alexandra and Megan already know each and by the looks of this picture, quite well.

However, neither of them made it clear to anyone in the villa or at home that they were acquainted - unlike Ellie and Adam who immediately revealed they knew each other from back home and Eyal and Charley who eventually told the audience they'd met before.

We're wondering if the pair will reveal they know each other in tonight's episode or if there's a juicy reason as to why they're keeping their friendship on the down low.

Love Island returns to our screens at 9pm tonight.