Love Island's dumped Alex had some HARSH words for Georgia this morning 8 months ago

Love Island's dumped Alex had some HARSH words for Georgia this morning

Safe to say, they're not mates.

Our opinion on the islanders inside the Love Island villa changes on the daily, however, one person has landed themselves on the list of the most hated contestants after recent events and that's Georgia.

Yes, while there is still a small contingent that is flying the flag for the 20-year-old, the wave of popular opinion is not in her favour.

And it's not just those at home who aren't a fan, some of the islanders inside the villa have little time for her - namely, New Alex (well, now technically Old Alex, we guess?)

The most recent dumpee appeared on the Love Island Morning After podcast this morning to chat about his time in the villa and when not taking a dig at Megan and Wes, Alex was sharing his thoughts on Georgia.

And let's just say, they're not all that kind.

“The person I wouldn’t get on with the most is going to be Georgia,” Alex told hosts Kem Cetinay and Arielle Free.

“For the simple fact that she’s a very, very good actress. Every time she gets to use that ability, she’s on it and she acts up.

“I think it’s an age thing. She tries to be mature and it just comes off immature.”

Then when he was naturally asked his opinion on that kiss with Jack and who made the first move, Alex said:

“If you gotta ask me, you haven’t been watching the telly.

"100 percent she kissed Jack.”

So, Georgia's probably not going to be catching up with Alex when she leaves the villa.

Oh well, you win some, you lose some.