Love Island's Jake tells Liberty he's "too busy" for a relationship 1 year ago

Love Island's Jake tells Liberty he's "too busy" for a relationship

That was tense.

Well, we don't quite know what to think after last night's Love Island reunion, we don't even know where to begin to start.


Let's just dive into Jake and Liberty, after a turbulent time on the show, the two came face to face and Jake told Liberty exactly where he stood when it came to their relationship status.

The pair left the show only a matter of days before the final after calling it quits on their relationship, and two weeks after their big split they were forced to talk it all out on a rooftop bar with thousands watching at home.

And despite ending things in the first place, Liberty said something to Jake that not only shocked him but had all of us watching on in utter confusion.


Revealing that she still has feelings for him, Jake immediately shut her down and told her their relationship would never have worked on the outside and that he doesn't have time for a girlfriend right now.

Liberty decided to dig deep with Jake and get closure after their, asking why Jake had been so distant since he left the villa and not been in contact with her.

He replied: "I FaceTimed you a couple of times," which Liberty immediately hit back with: "Once... Yeah, it was once. "

"It’s hard obviously I still have feelings for you. I just feel like at the time it wasn't working and I just feel there hasn’t been an effort to make it work properly."


It was then Jake dropped the news that cut Liberty like a dagger, telling her that even had they stayed together in the show, it still wouldn't have worked because of his schedule.

He said: "Even if we had been together it wouldn’t have worked, I am so busy."

Pointing out how busy the other couples are and have still made the time, Liberty held her head high when she told Jake they "weren't meant to be", adding: "I wish you the best for the future and hope you excel in everything you do."


The interaction between the two only made fans more convinced he was only pursuing Liberty to win the show, pointing out how it didn't make sense for him to go on if he knew he didn't have time for a relationship.


One said: "I feel like Jake is being so brutal with Liberty and showing no interest because the show is over, he has nothing to fake it for anymore. His behaviour now just confirms everything we ever thought about him."

Another added: "This is not the Jake I saw in the villa? I was even feeling sorry for him. Nah he never liked Liberty."

A third said: "Insane how Jake immediately tried to act up in front of the cameras but my girl Liberty shut it down real quick. Love that for her."