Is Love Island's Lucinda secretly back with her Irish ex? 11 months ago

Is Love Island's Lucinda secretly back with her Irish ex?

She has them all chasing her.

If you didn't know already, Love Island's Lucinda used to go out with Irish footballer Aaron Connolly before she decided to head onto the ITV series.


But if the rumours are true, she actually never left him at all and it sounds a little bit like she might still be dating him outside of the villa.

Well, according to what Aaron has been saying, he's very much under the impression that they're still an item.

Regardless of if they're still together or not, one thing is for sure, Aaron is waiting for her on the outside. Join the queue hun, Brad is already ahead of you.


According to The Sun, Aaron is telling people they are very much still a thing, and that he still considers Lucinda to be his girlfriend.

First Brad, then two boys fighting over her in the villa and now an ex saying this? Teach us your ways Lucinda.

The Sun has also reported that the footballer has been looking after her dog while she's been in the villa, so even if they're not together, they're definitely still very close.

A source told the publication: "It was meant to be a big secret because there are strict rules about it.


"No one wants to watch a dating show where the stars are really pining for lovers back home. Aaron was only too happy looking after Lucinda’s dog. It makes him feel like they are still the couple they are."

Either way, the Galway native is going to have some competition when leaving the villa as Lucinda just recoupled with Danny, but Aaron is trying everything he can to get her head to turn back to him.