Love Island's Ollie's dad doesn't seem all that pleased that his son is in the villa 4 months ago

Love Island's Ollie's dad doesn't seem all that pleased that his son is in the villa

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He's a Lord in fairness, he's got a lot on.

We're only a mere three days into the first series of Winter Love Island, and already a few things have become quite apparent.

One is that although Shaughna says she doesn't care, she absolutely does care. Another is that the twins are going to fight over ever single male they come into contact with and it's going to be excellent viewing.

And another is that Ollie is very, very posh.

So posh, in fact, that he seems to have alienated himself from the entire group by chatting about money, being the son of a Lord, and of course, dabbing.

But if there's one thing that's bound to make at least 20 percent of the population feel bad for a reality TV villain, it's their parents being less than delightful when asked about them.

And unfortunately for Ollie, his dad, Andrew Williams, appears to be having none of his son entering the villa.

Shame. He's been quite good comic relief.

"This is Oliver’s journey and we won’t be commenting," he told the Daily Star.

The Lord then went on to say that his son could "speak for himself."


Ollie - or Oliver, as he is otherwise known - hasn't been exactly killing it in the villa since his entrance.

Having already fully admitted to cheating on his girlfriend while he was in uni (eight or nine times), the "land owner" absolutely hasn't made the best first impression.

He also pretty much blacklisted himself before the show even began by being a bloodthirsty hunter, but hey listen, who are we to judge?

No, actually, we are definitely one to judge.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One.