Love Island's Sharon spotted 'kissing Chuggs' on night out 1 month ago

Love Island's Sharon spotted 'kissing Chuggs' on night out

Excuse me now?

Love Island's Sharon has apparently been spotted kissing fellow dumped islander Chuggs on a night out.


The civil servant, who was dumped from the villa a few weeks back, and bucket hat business owner Chuggs were seen leaving a bar together in Chelsea, London, looking rather cosy indeed.

The pair were spotted exiting the bar with their arms around one another, and according to some, they were even sharing a few kisses. Sharon also had her suitcase in tow, so make of that what you will.

The images, which were obtained by The Sun and can be seen here, show the pair enjoying a night out and eventually leaving the pub arm in arm.

“Chuggs and Sharon couldn’t keep their hands off each other," a source said. "They were kissing and cuddling in the bar - and didn’t seem to mind people seeing them.

“After a while they left and looked like they were heading home together because Sharon had her suitcase.”

Sharon and Chuggs were not romantically involved in the villa but they did share a date together upon Chuggs' late entry.


He was dumped from the villa after a mere 48 hours, while Sharon lost her spot in the competition after failing to find love. She had been coupled up with Aaron and later Hugo as friends before the PE teacher was picked by AJ.

Since leaving the villa, both Chuggs and Sharon have been engaging in a light amount of flanter (flirty banter) on Instagram.

“Ahh is this what u do when you’re waiting?" Chuggs playfully posted on a photo of Sharon, while she replied: “Can’t believe I’m getting stood up. Ordering 4 tequila shots when you’re sat by yourself isn’t a great look.”


One one of Chuggs' photos, Sharon later said: “I know you wait for my comments."

More of this, guys. Please.