Love Island's Sophie goes on a date with newbie Connagh tonight so let the drama commence 1 month ago

Love Island's Sophie goes on a date with newbie Connagh tonight so let the drama commence

Is Shaughna looking for trouble?

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Connor be snappin' with those gnashers.

Last night, we witnessed an incredible moment of television.

It involved Sophie from Love Island putting her hands up in the air, and Connor from Love Island absolutely losing his shit.

To give the scenario more context, Sophie was expressing excitement regarding the prospect of two new boys entering the villa.

And yeah, fair enough, Connor got mildly thick about this because he likes Sophie, they have had a kiss, and whatever.

To express his frustration and downright rage, Conner pulled Sophie for a chat and demanded to know why she had reacted in the way she did.

She didn't really have an answer for him, he stormed off, and that was sort of the end of that.

Awkwardness incarnate - that's only set to get more awkward tonight as Sophie gets picked to go on a date with new boy Connagh.

And yes, his name does sound suspiciously like 'Connor' if you say it in an English accent.

Later on tonight, Sophie will ask Connagh: "So who's going to be Connor one and two?"

He replies: "Well obviously I want to be number one."


Smash cut to Conner absolutely losing his mind in the Beach Hut over the entire scenario, complaining that he is "stressing out."

And in fairness to him, yeah, perhaps he should be.

27-year-old Connagh said that he would be the perfect Love Islander as he is "a good laugh, fun to be around, honest and laid back. I try not to get involved in too much drama."

The Cardiff model - who has his eye on Shaughna, Sophie and Siânnise - said that he isn't afraid to step on some toes if he really fancies someone win the villa.

"If I really like someone, I’m definitely going to make an effort, I’m not going to let the opportunity go by. But, I’m not going to try and be a homewrecker," he said.

We'll see, mate. We'll see.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One.