Love Island's Zara didn't seem too impressed with Georgia at the Christmas reunion 3 years ago

Love Island's Zara didn't seem too impressed with Georgia at the Christmas reunion


The Love Island reunion is on tonight.


Are you excited? You should be.

There'll be Georgia, there'll be Sam, there'll be Megan, Wes, Laura, Kendall, and Jack and Dani who are now back together despite splitting up for a whole day the other week.

All the lads.

Another person who will also be there is Zara and her fella Adam.


They're going to chatting all about their whirlwind romance which saw Adam hop from Kendall to Rosie to Zara to somebody else in the secret villa and then back to Zara again.

He settled eventually, good for him.

Ahead of that though, the couple revealed that they went to a pretty rough patch recently that really tested their relationship.

Adam told the Irish Mirror that they almost ended things a little over a month ago, but that they're now stronger than ever. Good for them.


“We were at a make or break point like six weeks ago and I think it would have been very easy to call it a day then in a normal situation," he said.

“We’ve done the worst part now, we’ve had so much stress and it’s only going to get better."

Good news all round.

Except when it comes to Georgia, apparently though, because Zara didn't seem all that impressed with her fellow islander ahead of the reunion special airing this evening.


“Georgia and Sam, there was a little bit of tension there," she said.

"Georgia was a late arrival, she crashed the party. That was an interesting conversation between them two."

Crashed the party, indeed.

Bring it on.

The Love Island reunion kicks off tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two.