Margot Robbie hints at future Suicide Squad films 1 year ago

Margot Robbie hints at future Suicide Squad films

This isn't the end.

You can't go to the cinema these days and not encounter a superhero film, whether you're going to see it or it's just a trailer, there's no escaping them.


And there was one film we all loved to hate, Suicide Squad, but by the sounds of it, we might be getting more of these films.

The Suicide Squad is making its way to cinemas this week, and this time directed by James Gunn (the man behind Guardians of the Galaxy), so we're in for a treat.

With mostly a new cast, one thing is staying the same, Margot Robbie is returning as the infamous Harley Quinn.


Speaking to Tyla, the Aussie actress revealed that this won't be the last time she'll be in this role, hinting at future Harley Quinn films to come.

She said: "I'm also so thrilled that there's a character that could kind of have a legacy like Macbeth, or Batman, or someone does like that where you do get to pass the gauntlet and let other actors have a go at the character.

"I think that would be so cool that if there was enough popularity and enough of a fanbase for Harley that people would wanna see other actors play her too, that would be amazing.


"But I would like to play her another few times before that happens."

It may not be for a while however, considering she's played this character three times over five years, Margot admitted that she needs a break.

She told Entertainment Weekly: "It’s exhausting. I was like, 'Oof, I need a break from Harley, because she's exhausting.' I don't know when we're next going to see her."