Marvin fancies another Love Island contestant and bring on the DRAMA 3 months ago

Marvin fancies another Love Island contestant and bring on the DRAMA

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Marvin revealed he has feelings for a Love Island contestant and it's not Maura.

As regular viewers of the popular reality TV show will know, Marvin and Maura are currently coupled up although things haven't been going to plan.

The Longford native was brutally honest with Marvin, telling him that she just wasn't feeling it although he wasn't too impressed, saying that he had made an effort to pursue her since entering the villa.

They agreed to move on and just be friends...although we imagine things will be a little frosty for the next while.

However, on tonight's show, Marvin opens up and reveals he fancies Amber which comes as a major surprise to her.

During a chat with Anton, he reveals his feelings and we can't say we were expecting this curveball.

Love Island

As is customary for Anton, he encourages Marvin to get to know Amber and even helps him out by pretending to be Amber.

Marvin makes a move later that evening and engineers a chat at the fire pit where he says:

"We’ve spent a lot of time together in a group but I don’t feel like we’ve spent a lot of time together one-on-one. You intrigue me".

Amber says "yes, I tend to do that" and Marvin then asks what she thinks about the fact that he's into her.

She replies that the news has completely floored her and that she's "shocked".

Will a romance come of this? It's definitely not a couple we would have predicted but we'll just have to wait and see.

Things are set to get interesting tonight as two newbies land.

Chris and Francesca will enter the villa following the mass exodus of five islanders, two couples followed by Amy Hart, in recent days.