Was Maya's (potentially) dead body actually revealed in last night's Emmerdale? 6 months ago

Was Maya's (potentially) dead body actually revealed in last night's Emmerdale?

If they can fit her rotting corpse inside of a suitcase then yeah, fair enough.

Last week's instalments of Emmerdale were fairly explosive.

There was fights, there was realisations, there was Maya getting caught rapid shifting Jacob and subsequently getting confronted by Priya about it.

It was all very satisfying, and although we won't find out exactly what happened to Maya until next week, we can probably go ahead and assume it was something dodgy enough.

Like, either actual death or at least a bit of a beating dodgy.

In the meantime, the soap has been keeping everyone busy with some regular enough content in the form of the three gals looking suspicious, David being none the wiser, and Jacob acting a bit stressed out by the whole scenario.

There had been no hard proof alluding to what may or may not have happened to the paedophile teacher. That was, until, last night.

Leyla and Tracy were caught lugging a massive suitcase down from Maya's bedroom during yesterday evening's episode.

The women claimed that it simply contained Maya's clothes, but when Frank offered to help them with the clearly heavy luggage, they actively declined.

Because Maya's dead body is in there?

Because Maya's body is in there but alive and just unconscious and tied up or something?

Or because it really was just Maya's clothes and Tracy and Leyla didn't want the help of a man because they are strong independent women?

Could be either of the above, really. And either way, we're not going to find out certain until May 6 via series of flashback episodes.

According to Digital Spy, the truth will come out as a present-day Leyla confesses what happened to Jacob when he returns from Portugal.

The flashbacks will show Maya's story take a horrifying turn in the woods - but viewers will have to tune in to find out what really happened to her that night.

Something not good, anyway.