This is when Emmerdale viewers will find out what really happened to Maya Stepney 1 year ago

This is when Emmerdale viewers will find out what really happened to Maya Stepney

Emmerdale is set to finally reveal the truth about what happened to Maya Stepney in a dramatic double-bill next week.

For months, Emmerdale viewers have watched schoolteacher Maya Stepney groom teenager Jacob Gallagher and convince him that he's actually in love with her and that they'll be together.

After many, many 'please-let-someone-discover-the-truth' and 'please-Jacob-confide-in-someone-about-what's-going-on' moments, the pair were caught by Priya Sharma outside of a nightclub in Hotten.

Naturally, she told Tracy and Leyla what she saw, adding:

"He was here. He was kissing Maya. I said he was kissing her. He got out of the cab, she was there, they were obviously pleased to see each other and they kissed.

"Like two people who can't get enough of each other."

Leyla managed to lure Maya back to them with a promise of a lift home, before she was bundled into a car.

The trailer for the next week of Big Night Out episodes seemed to hint at Maya's demise after a showdown with Priya, Tracy and Leyla - and viewers won't have to wait too long to find out what happened that night.

The second episode airing on Tuesday, May 6 will go into details about what happened after the trio drove Maya off to the woods.

According to Digital Spy, the truth will come out as a present-day Leyla Harding confesses what happened to Jacob when he returns from Portugal.

The flashbacks will show Maya's story take a horrifying turn in the woods - but viewers will have to tune in to find out what really happened to her that night.

It comes as the trailer for the second week of Big Night Out episodes hinted that Maya may be in some serious danger after a showdown with Leyla, Priya and Tracy.

"You are going to regret every single thing you have done to Jacob," Leyla yells as she attacks Maya, who screams for help.

The footage also shows Leyla, Priya and Tracy burning someone's clothes - and Leyla telling them, "We have to stick to the same story."