What to watch now that Love Island is ending 1 year ago

What to watch now that Love Island is ending

Whatever will we do?

By this time next week, one couple will have been crowned the winner of the 2022 season of Love Island, and while we'll inevitably get to hear all that we can from them about what really went down in the villa, it won't last long.


We know what you're all thinking, without Love Island on our screens each night we could do the normal thing and go out and get a life, but that seems like an effort after two months cooped up with the Virgin Media Player.

If you're anything like us, you will need another reality show to switch to. But with no Love Island and no Kardashians on our screens this time of year, what will we watch?

When we say there's no Love Island anymore, we tell a little bit of a lie. Love Island USA has returned and the whole thing has been revamped. Looking a lot more like the UK version, it seems it's going in a new direction.

The show has a brand new host and voiceover guy, and they're two people you'll definitely recognise. Taking on the hosting gig, Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland is at the helm, while none other than Love Island legend Iain Stirling is also doing the voice-over for this.



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The series started around a week ago, so there's plenty of drama already going down to keep us entertained - and there's even an English girl on it this year, so it could be more like what we're already used to.

If UK reality shows turned American aren't your thing, how about a US turned UK one? Are You The One? UK is premiering on August 8th on MTV and if it's anything like the US original, it's going to be absolute chaos.

Said to be "sexier" than Love Island, Are You The One? has been a hit with US audiences for eight seasons, and recently came onto the UK and Irish Netflix.


Based on an algorithm, the contestants aren't told who their scientific perfect match is. As they enter the villa, they will go through chemistry-driven tests and games to find the one and the more couples guessed among the group correctly, a cash prize awaits.

With the biggest fear being the "Truth Booth", the singletons need to work out who is their match and at the end of each episode, there is a Match Up Ceremony, where they need to pair up with who they think the one is and the closer they are to the scientific pairings, the closer they are to winning.


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And in this show, anything goes and the contestants don't hold back at all - and naturally with that comes an insane amount of drama.


If you do want a little break from a reality dating series for a few months, take some time to chill before Love Island Australia returns in November.

While no exact date has been announced yet, it's usually during the Australian summer and is always a good one to be glued to. Similar to the UK version, the humour is the same, the drama is the same, and the show is even expected to be set in Mallorca this year along with a new Irish voiceover man - comedian Stephen Mullan.

And of course, after that's over, we've got the return of the Winter Love Island this year. While it wasn't everyone's cup of tea, we're obviously still going to watch it.

And sure by the time that's over, we'll have come full circle to the regular Love Island. In between any of these we can just head to Netflix and click on the "Reality, variety and talk shows" section and binge our way through that, something for everyone.