Meet the islanders: Love Island contestants 2021 revealed 1 month ago

Meet the islanders: Love Island contestants 2021 revealed


Love Island is officially kicking off next week.


So, what better way to kick off this Monday morning than introducing us to this year's first lot of islanders set to enter the villa.

The Love Island social accounts have been busy dropping the first look at this year's contestants this morning. So far, just some of the islanders have been confirmed, so stick with us throughout the day as we bring you the rest of the contestants.

Here's what we know so far.

Sharon, 21, civil servant 

Sharon is a civil servant familiar with government policies - and also beauty pageants. She's already conquered both of those worlds, and now she's hoping to dominate in the villa too.


Aaron, 24, model 

Events manager Aaron is used to hosting others, but this summer the Love Island villa is going to be hosting him.

And hopefully matching him up with the love of his life in the process.


Liberty, 21, waitress 

Waitress Liberty is hopeful that she won't just be serving food this summer. She'll also be serving #looks in the villa, and maybe a coffee in bed, or two...


Hugo, 24, PE teacher 

Hugo's a PE teacher, so we're expecting *a lot* of physical education from him in the villa this year...



Shannon, 22, model and DJ

Shannon from Scotland has got serious banter, and we have a feeling she's going to be one to watch in the villa this year.

Jake, 24, water engineer 

Cheeky chappy alert, Jake is without a doubt going to be this year's absolute chancers - and we can't wait for it.

Apparently he's got tattoos too, we'll believe it when we see it.

Kaz, 26, fashion blogger 

Kaz is a model, fashion blogger, and she's entering the villa with the intention of finding her prince charming.

We're right there with you, girl.

Brad, 26, labourer 

Live with his nan, say no more, lads - we're sold. Brad has been single for just two years, but apparently has never been on a date.

No idea what he was doing with his ex then if that's the case, but sure look.

Chloe, 25, marketing executive 

Chloe's looking for a funny man, which is good because the guy above still lives with his nan. Ideal, girl. You're sorted.

Toby, footballer 

Toby's a guy who's generally good quite a few balls in the air (he plays football, fyi), but will he be able to juggle all of the inevitable relationships in the villa?

Only time will tell. This guy has never had a girlfriend though, so we're expecting big moves from the Tobster.


Faye is ready to bring the drama, and we are ready to receive it. She's about to be the main character in this series, as she very much should be.

ITV2 announced that this year's islanders would be revealed today, urging the public to "think before you post" ahead of this summer's show.

"We're so grateful they're letting us follow their journey this summer," they said, "We hope you enjoy the show but please think before you post."

Love Island begins on Monday, June 28 at 9pm on Virgin Media One.