Michael and Lorraine had a swell time on First Dates last night and it was so pure 9 months ago

Michael and Lorraine had a swell time on First Dates last night and it was so pure

So pure.

First Dates was on last night.

It was pretty good, as First Dates tends to be - however last night's was significantly better than usually because Michael and Lorraine were on it.

Who are Michael and Lorraine you might ask?

Only the two most adorable and precious people on this planet, to be quite honest.

The pair met during last night's episode, had a bit of food, and enjoyed a swell time together.

Michael, who is the show's oldest ever dater at 81, was a seminarian when he was in his 20s before eventually becoming a gardener and a teacher.

He told Lorraine that now, after all these years, he's looking for that special someone to share his time with - baking, listening to pop music, and enjoying a bit of gardening too.

“I’m hardly ever depressed because I won’t allow it to happen," he said.

“I even tell myself from time to time ‘I’m not lonely’, but I live by myself so I’m a loner dude. But it’s kind of too much to do everything yourself.

"There’s need and want. I think I need and want to meet someone. I want to meet someone who needs and wants me. If that’s there, I think I have some hope.”

Lorraine, aged 75, lost her husband a few year back, and was also on the look out for somebody to hand out with.

After the date, she said that she and Michael had a "natural connection" and that she was absolutely interested in seeing him again.

You would be, like. Look at him.

Michael clearly felt the same way because the pair have spent a bit of time together since the show aired.

You truly do love to see it.

Lorraine told RTÉ Entertainment that she applied for the show "on the spur of the moment."

"I'd watched the show but I'd never given any consideration to the process of applying", she said.

"I had bought Senior Times magazine because I wanted to read a review of a book we [her writer's group] had published, and at the bottom of the review there was the advert for First Dates Ireland so I thought why not give it a lash!"

True love clearly does exist.