There was a mini Saved By The Bell reunion last night and ah, god, the memories 3 years ago

There was a mini Saved By The Bell reunion last night and ah, god, the memories

Dustin Diamond not in attendance.

Saved By The Bell was an era defining show.


It had everything one could ever want from a mid-90s TV programme that was repeated on Nickelodeon well into the late 2000s.

Good looking young people? Check.

Storylines that were mildly relatable but also entirely removed from the Irish school teen experience? Check.

A will they? won't they? scenario that actually spanned the breath of not one, not two, but three potential couples that also happened to be main characters? Check.


See? Everything.

And thankfully for us, Saved By The Bell have done us a solid over the years and remained iconic, entertaining, and secure within the realms of 90s television.

There hasn't been a reboot. There hasn't been a forced attempt at a reunion. There hasn't been any lazy means of making more money out of an old show that only worked as well as it did because it was released at the time it was released.


No, there was simply a few of the cast members going out for a nice dinner with their partners.

How it should be.


Mario Lopez, Mark-Paul Gosslear, Elizabeth Berkley, and Tiffani Thiessen - who played A C Slater, Zack Morris, Jessie Spano, and Kelly Kapowski respectively - all joined forces last night at a restaurant in LA to have a bit of a reminisce, take a throwback photo, and eat some food, probably.

Lopez shared the photo to his own Instagram page with the caption: "Friends forever."

The rest of the guys took it upon themselves to comment on the post, joking about who was going to foot the bill, who had eaten the most food, etc.

Missing from the photo were former cast members Dustin Diamond, who played Screech, and Lark Voorhies, who played Lisa.


Diamond, who allegedly starred in and released his own sex tape called Screeched - Saved By The Smell, was arrested and convicted of two misdemeanours in 2015.

He served three months in prison and was released on probation, which he then violated.