'People make mistakes': Neil Jones on wife Katya's kiss with Seann Walsh 1 year ago

'People make mistakes': Neil Jones on wife Katya's kiss with Seann Walsh

Neil Jones has forgiven his wife Katya for kissing her dance partner Seann Walsh during last year's series of Strictly Come Dancing.

Katya and comedian Seann were caught by paparazzi sharing a kiss on the street.

The photo caused a scandal and the pair were eliminated from the competition weeks later.

Neil, who also appeared on the series, told Hello! that he had moved past the drama.

“I can accept people make mistakes," the 36-year-old said.

“My mum always said, ‘People make mistakes in their lives. Don’t react, try to understand’.

“So that is how it always is for me.”

Katya, 29, meanwhile told the magazine that the online backlash to the scandal had a big effect on her.

"We knew we just had to sort it out ourselves.

It was quite shocking to be suddenly so exposed and everyone has an opinion on it but we just wanted to focus on us.

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“My first thought was for Neil.

“I look at everything as a massive learning process. But actually drop by drop, people typing horrible and unkind things about you, does affect you.

“The hate I felt made me very sad. Neil told me, ‘Stop reading, stop looking’.

“I knew I had to focus on what I do best, my dancing, my choreography, my job to the best of my ability.”

Seann also had a long-term girlfriend, Rebecca Humphries. She broke up both him when the photographs of the kiss were published.