Netflix is coming out with a new musical series from the director of High School Musical 3 years ago

Netflix is coming out with a new musical series from the director of High School Musical

This looks like the exact wholesome musical magic that we need.

Netflix has just announced an all-new TV show that is coming to the streaming service this September and is directed by the same genius who brought us High School Musical and Descendants.


The show, called Julie and the Phantoms, will consist of nine 30-minute episodes that centre around Julie, a high schooler who lost her passion for music after her mum died last year.

However, that passion is about to be reignited when, while Julie is at her mum's old music studio, the ghosts of three dreamy musicians from 1995 suddenly appear. As Julie forms a friendship with these three ghost boys, her passion for music starts to reappear and the boys convince her to start a band with them. So 'Julie and the Phantoms' is created.

From Emmy and DGA Award-winning director and choreographer Kenny Ortega (of High School Musical and Descendants), executive producers Dan Cross and Dave Hoge (The Thundermans, Pair of Kings), and choreographer Paul Becker (Descendants, Mirror Mirror) comes a fresh and exciting new musical series about embracing life's ups and downs, following your dreams, and discovering the power of your own voice.


The series will star Madison Reyes as Julie, the frontwoman and lead keyboardist of the band (and the only alive person in the band too), Charlie Gillespie as Luke, a ghost and the band's guitarist, Jeremy Shada as Reggie, a ghost and the band's bass player, Owen Patrick Joyner as Alex, a ghost and the band's drummer, and Jadah Marie as Flynn, Julie's best friend with a flair for poetry, rap, and the spoken word.

We know that we will NOT be missing a new musical show by the great Kenny Ortega. Just think - this could be the High School Musical for the next generation. Just the kind of warm and fuzzy TV show that we need right now.

We're excited for the music, the dancing, the rapping, the character chemistry, and the inevitable romantic dramas. Roll on, September.