Netflix has revealed there is another Bandersnatch ending out there 5 months ago

Netflix has revealed there is another Bandersnatch ending out there

Wait, WHAT?

Just when we thought we had found them all, Netflix have revealed there is another ending to their choose-your-own-adventure Black Mirror event, Bandersnatch. 

The film was released in December last year, and lets the viewer control the life of Stefan, a video game developer.

While some of the options start out innocently enough, the impact of the choices grows more significant as the film goes on.

And just when we thought we had sussed out every ending to Bandersnatch, Netflix have revealed there is another one out there.

Which, really, opens up the possibility of there being even more as-yet-undiscovered easter eggs within the film.

They wrote on Twitter:

“Think you’ve seen everything there is to see in Bandersnatch? try picking up the family photo, twice."

The tweet sent fans scrambling for their remotes as they tried to figure out what the new ending would reveal.

However, if you decide against going through it all again, here's what happens if you pick up the family portrait twice.

According to Pedestrian, the viewers who do decide to go back see the  Jerome F. Davies Ending - yes, as in the guy who wrote Bandersnatch.

He appears in Stefan's dream and forces him to pickup the book and reread it, pushing him - and the viewers - back into the main story.