Netflix's new documentary The Motive is a must see for true crime fans 3 weeks ago

Netflix's new documentary The Motive is a must see for true crime fans

The series follows a disturbing murder case from the '80s.

Netflix has dropped a new true crime documentary last week titled The Motive, which tells the story of a 14-year-old boy who murdered his entire family as they slept in Israel in 1986.


The four-part series, which is told through archival footage from the investigation, tries to understand why he committed the heinous crime.

In 1986, police found the bodies of Nissim and Leah Cohen, as well as their teenage daughters Anat and Shira, at their family home in Ein Karem, south of Jerusalem.

The parents had been shot at while they were sleeping in their beds. Anat and Shira had also died from gunshot wounds upstairs.

As the only surviving family member in the home, the 14-year-old boy became a prime suspect.

When interviewed, the boy immediately confessed to murdering his entire family. To this day, a clear motive has never been established - although, several, including one from the boy himself, are offered up in the show.

True crime fans have taken to social media to share their opinions on the show.

"Netflix really feeding my addiction to messed up docs," one person wrote.


"The motive @netflix - that boy is so creepy … just goes to show that you don’t know who you really know," another person said.

Others think they have it all figured out.

"I mean the motive to me seems obvious. He was the youngest so would inherit the least. He eliminated the family because he knew he’d inherit all the money and be out of prison early enough to enjoy it. That’s probably what he was calculating on the calculator," one viewer wrote.


"Just finished #TheMotive and I feel he planned to kill his family and take the inheritance. He was smart enough to play on everyone’s emotions which is why he killed them while he was underage," another person said.


The Motive is available to stream on Netflix now.