A new 9/11 documentary is on its way this year 1 month ago

A new 9/11 documentary is on its way this year

Never forget.

There is a one-off documentary about the horrors of the 9/11 terrorist attack is coming to ITV for the 20th anniversary of the tragedy.


9/11: Life Under Attack is set to take a look back on the event as it happened and the aftermath that changed not only New York City, but the world.

On September 11th 2001, two commercial planes flew into the World Trade Centre, or the Twin Towers, killing more than 2,600 people as the two buildings collapsed.

Along with this, Lower Manhattan, particularly the financial district, was completely destroyed due to this heartbreaking event.

This new documentary will tell survivors stories and how they have had their lives turned upside down since, along with unseen footage, photos and audio from the events of that day.

Piecing together the tragedy from start to finish, beginning with authorities reacted, coped and tried to regain control over the situation.

A third plane crashed into the Pentagon, a US government building in Virginia and a fourth into a field in Pennsylvania after passengers on board fought the terrorists.


Osama Bin Laden took responsibility for the attacks in 2004, three years after the incident happened.

No exact date has been given for the release of this documentary, but it will be shown sometime later this year, and is expected to be close to the 20th anniversary.