The new KUWTK trailer is out and fecking hell... the FIGHTS 2 years ago

The new KUWTK trailer is out and fecking hell... the FIGHTS

Oh, the Kardashians.

Some people love them, some people hate them; but one thing that is definitely true - they bring the drama.


All. The. Drama.

The latest teaser trailer for the next season of the show (what is it now? 11th? 15th? 1543rd?) was just released, and well... it mainly consists of the sisters fighting.

It opens with Kim sitting in a studio chair, saying:

"Oh hey, guys. It's Kimberly. Remember me? It's been a minute.

"Did you miss us? 'Cause we missed you. But don't worry, you didn't miss anything."

It seems like Kim and Kourtney are at each other this season, and in one short snippet, Kourt is even seen crying.

But before that, they were screaming this at each other:


"You don't do f**king s**t!" "You're just f**king a bitch!"

"Get the f**k out of here and go!" Kim shouts at Kourtney. "Shut the f**k up!"

While at the end of the episode, Kim and Khloe are seen talking, and Kim says, "She doesn't even want to be a Kardashian anymore," to which Khloe replies, "She can shove Kardashian up her f**king vagina!"

See what we mean? God knows what they're really fighting about... but it's probably juicy.

One thing's for sure though, Khloe is the funniest thing about this show.