Niall Horan performed his new single Slow Hands on Ellen 1 year ago

Niall Horan performed his new single Slow Hands on Ellen

The former One Direction member has finally introduced us to his second solo single, Slow Hands, and we are in love.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show was Niall's first TV performance of the newly released single which follows on from his first solo This Town which was released last September.

The 23-year-old Mullingar native spoke about his upcoming album but he didn't give a whole lot away as to how we can get our claws on it.

In an interview with radio and TV host Carson Daly, Niall gave us a little hint relating to the album's release saying:

"End of fall, or the start of winter, I guess. I've decided to ride it out, see what happens and then kind of let people know when I'm ready to go."


Taking inspiration from influences like The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac Niall claimed he has fifty songs to choose from for the album. Safe to say there's no shortage of tunes there. As a hugely successful solo artist since the infamous One Direction parted ways, there's no doubt he's found that new sense of freedom when it comes to writing his own songs saying,

"I do what I want when I want... I write in the most random places aswell."

Always being supportive of his former bandmates he spoke about how great it was to see everyone doing their own thing too.

Niall also helped Ellen host a game of Hot Hands... Please do enjoy.

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