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Nicola McLean's husband has broken his silence over her flirting in CBB
It's getting complicated.

It's getting complicated.

Nicola McLean's husband Tom Williams has broken his silence following her flirty behaviour in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The model was seen getting very close with footballer Jamie O'Hara after a few too many drinks. According to The Sun, after Nicola tried to kiss him, Jamie said, "I’d love to, but I have too much respect for my bruv," to which she replied, "We’ve done it before."

She woke up the next morning asking other housemates if they thought Tom would be annoyed by it.

They said she had a lot of explaining to do but she didn't seem too bothered saying, "I don’t have to explain anything, that’s the joy of when someone f***s up so bad, you’ve got a free card."

So, after that Tom took to Twitter to reference the situation.

He said, "Interesting that @bbuk didn’t show that Nicola has been with a psychiatrist all day," insinuating that Celebrity Big Brother purposely left out the fact that she had to seek help to deal with the situation.


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