You do NOT want to cross GBBO's Kate on Twitter dot com 4 years ago

You do NOT want to cross GBBO's Kate on Twitter dot com

The gal is on fire lately.

If you haven't been watching this year's series on the Great British Bake Off, seriously, what is wrong with you?


And more importantly, why do you not love yourself?

But if you have been watching, you'll be more than aware that this year's finalists consist of Kate, Sophie, and Steven.

And that the final airs tonight (!)

But regardless of who takes the crown, there is one thing that contestant Kate has already won... and that's the award for most fire responses to mean people on Twitter.

We've all fallen victim to the odd Twitter troll in our lives, but some of these lads tweeting Kate really *ahem* take the biscuit.

Luckily, she's been absolutely destroying them all anyway so fair play to her.


Here's some of her iconic responses.


And the brilliant:


Stunning. Just stunning.


No matter how you feel about Kate, we're guessing people will think twice before they go slagging her off on Twitter this evening anyway.

Because she is always watching.

And she makes a mean choux.