NOW announces large price reduction to its monthly membership 1 month ago

NOW announces large price reduction to its monthly membership

The price reduction will come to both its Entertainment and Cinema memberships.

While pretty much everything else in our daily existence has seen a price increase lately, including some other streaming services - we're looking at you, Netflix!- we are only to happy to announce when something actually has a price decrease.


To that end, NOW has revealed this week that it will soon be giving all monthly customers a sizeable price reduction in their memberships, across both the Entertainment Membership and the Cinema Membership.

From Thursday, 11 August, the price for the Entertainment Membership will reduce from €15 per month to just €11.99 per month, and the price for the Cinema Membership will also reduce from €15 per month to just €11.99 per month.

If you currently have an offer for either Entertainment or Cinema, these price changes will only take effect after your current offer ends.

Members without Boost will be able to stream the same Cinema and Entertainment Memberships content, with ads, on one device at a time.


If you have Boost, you’ll still be able to stream ad-free in Full HD and Surround Sound, on up to three devices at a time.

All the information on how Boost works can be found right here.

The new prices will adjust automatically after Wednesday, 10 August (or whenever your current offer ends), so you don't need to adjust your current memberships for the lower costs to be implemented.

Considering this price reduction will kick in less than two weeks before the HUGE Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon arrives on the Entertainment Membership, we reckon it is absolutely the best time to sign up.


Full details on signing up for the NOW Cinema Membership and the NOW Entertainment Membership can be found right here.