Ofcom has received nearly 800 complaints about Love Island so far 1 month ago

Ofcom has received nearly 800 complaints about Love Island so far

People aren't happy.

Love Island has been hit with nearly 800 complaints to Ofcom since it returned to our screens.


The ITV2 series has seen millions of people watching each night since the beginning of June, with more on catch-up, but many are not happy with what they've seen.

An Ofcom spokesperson has told the Daily Star that they have received 781 official complaints during the series, with each pinpointing different events from the show, including bullying accusations and that some islanders are not given as much screen time.

They said: "On background, the main themes have been certain contestants being bullied; certain contestants’ wellbeing and mental health; the age gap between certain contestants and certain contestants being given more screen time in the main show edit than others."

When Gemma Owen and Davide Sanclimenti kissed very early on in the series, the regulator received almost 200 complaints due to their age gap, with Gemma being 19 and Davide being 27.


Viewers contacted Ofcom with complaints after Davide and Gemma were made kiss during the icebreaker challenge, with many people thinking it was a set up by producers.

More came in when Davide chose to couple up with Gemma, racking up 167 complaints for the kiss episode alone.

Ofcom has also received 75 complaints about Jacques' treatment of Ekin-Su after the two had a heated exchange on the show.


The pair found themselves in a bit of a pickle when Jay announced that he wanted to get to know Paige, who was coupled up with and getting to know Jacques while he was getting to know Ekin-Su.

While chatting, Jacques told Ekin-Su how Jay had "coupled up with you and he's found out who you are in two days mate, a f***ing headache."

With fans unimpressed by the comment, they took to the watchdog to complain, all 75 of them.