One boy dumped from the villa tonight as Rebecca makes a difficult decision 1 month ago

One boy dumped from the villa tonight as Rebecca makes a difficult decision

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Another one bites the dust, etc.

There's a recoupling on Love Island tonight, lads - so if you happen to have plans, you might want to cancel them.

Or just go ahead with them, to be honest. Whatever suits, like.

This evening's recoupling will leave one lad unceremoniously dumped from the villa, and honestly at this point in the show, it's anybody's game.

Will it be Finn? Will it be Connagh? Will it be the glorious Nas? 

We can only hope and pray that it won't be - but there's no way of knowing without actually watching the show.

Or like, reading about it on Twitter after. Whatever.

Ahead of tonight's recoupling, it's looking fairly likely that Rebecca will have the deciding vote in who is dumped from the villa and tragically sent back to the UK.

So far, she's been eyeing up Connagh, Callum, Finn, and pretty much anybody else who's had an interaction with her really.

And fair enough, like. You get yours, girl.

However, with recouplings must come dumpings, a fact that the girls were only extremely aware of in the lead up to tonight's show.

"Oh my god, somebody’s leaving! Someone’s going to go home tonight and it’s horrible to think it’s us who choose," shouts Paige.

And yeah, fair enough, you've hit the nail on the head there, love.

Rebecca added: “I just need to do what’s right for me," which is entirely vague and gives us literally no information as to who she's actually going to choose but sure listen.

Understandably, the lads are equally as panicked.

Callum says: “I’m nervous to see what happens," while Finn adds: “I didn’t think I would be as bothered as I am today.”

Connagh admits: “I’m really bothered."

Yeah lads, you'd wanna be.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One.