One Direction's Louis Tomlinson is embarking on his first ever solo tour 2 years ago

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson is embarking on his first ever solo tour

Calling all Louis fans.

(Who also happen to live or be present in the UK, Europe, United States and Canada next year.)


Louis Tomlinson is embarking on his first ever solo tour, so if you've been missing a little LT in your life, you know what to do.

... Buy tickets to these gigs.

The former One Direction member is heading off on his own for the first time ever next summer and if you're at all interested in seeing him then you can do just that by going ahead and buying some tickets to his upcoming solo gigs.



Louis will be belting out of his most famous hits including 'Kill My Mind,' and others, as he makes his way across bits of Europe, North America and also Canada.

No whiff of an Irish leg just yet, but hey, we'll keep our options open.


The tour is kicking off a few months after the release of Tomlinson's debut album, Walls, a record that is sure to be right at the top of any 1D fan's listen-list next year.

It drops on January 31st too. Class.

This comes just a few weeks after Tomlinson spoke publicly about the death of his sister, Félicité, for the first time.


He told The Guardian that the tragedy has given him a different view on life - and how it will be "the darkest shit I'm going to have to deal with."

"So it makes everything else, not feel easier and not less important, but, in the grand scheme of things, you see things for what they are, I suppose," he said.

"There’s no time for me to be sat feeling sorry for myself. I’ve been to rock bottom and I feel like, whatever my career’s going to throw in front of me, it’s going to be nothing as big or as emotionally heavy as that.

"So, weirdly, I’ve turned something that’s really dark into something that empowers me, makes me stronger."