Our favourite 90s presenter had a role in Toy Story 2 5 years ago

Our favourite 90s presenter had a role in Toy Story 2

HOW did we not know this before?

Of all the Pixar and Disney movies the Toy Story franchise has to be the best. All three of the movies are hugely successful due to the clever storylines, brilliant animation and, of course, the talent behind some of our favourite characters. Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Kelsey Grammer and Joan Cusack to name a few.


While we're all presumably familiar will all those leading actors, we've just found out about another person who we never knew had a part in the movie. It turns out 90s presenter Andi Peters also voiced a character.

That's right, your man from Live & Kicking. Many a Saturday morning were spent in front of the TV watching Andi and his co-presenter Emma Forbes on the BBC.


Andi just shared the news on Twitter last night that he had a part in Toy Story 2. He was watching The Lion King when he said, "Even though I'm a voice in Toy Story 2, yeah I am; The Lion King is still my fave Disney film and it's on C4 right now."


He's baggage handler number 1 in the scene where Woodie and Jessie get stuck on the flight. Listen out for his here:


According to Metro, Andi was making a documentary about the movie in America at the time when he got the role. He was working alongside the director John Lasseter who offered him the line. 

It may have only been a line, but that's one massive claim to fame.

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