People are convinced this video proves that TOWIE is staged 6 years ago

People are convinced this video proves that TOWIE is staged

I thought we already knew this?

There are some things on TV which we all know but choose to ignore and one of those is that some of our favourite reality shows, Made in Chelsea and TOWIE, are staged.


The storylines and random meet ups are so ridiculous that they have to be staged... right? Now, of course, we could just be over analysing it.

While some cast members have alluded to it being staged in the past we've never really seen much backstage footage to back this up... until now.

A fan of TOWIE was in Marbella where the show is currently filming and took a sneaky video of a party scene. During which the cast were seen dancing along to no music and stopping and starting to re-do takes.

She shared the video to Instagram, saying, "Cannot believe #towie isn't real and all staged".


Cannot believe #towie isn't real and all staged ?

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One person replied with, "I love the fact you've filmed this, BUT if you never thought it was staged then I'm sorry the joke's on you. Every TV show has its production values optimised by health & safety, entertainment heightening & boosting ratings in mind... No show is real."

While another person said, "Of course it's staged... I really hope the caption is sarcasm."