People couldn't look away from Channel 4's dating show #NakedAttraction 4 years ago

People couldn't look away from Channel 4's dating show #NakedAttraction

Many people believe in love at first sight... But what about being NUDE at first sight?

The apocalypse is here ladies, the world is officially ending and it's all thanks to Channel 4.

Not ones from shying away from trialling new formats for TV shows, tonight saw the debut of a new dating show called 'Naked Attraction' and well... the clue is in the name.

'Naked Attraction' consists of six suitors looking for love by putting their best foot boob forward, with both men and women absolutely BUTT NAKED waiting to be picked by one lucky dater (who remains clothed the entire time).

Presented by the fearless Anna Richardson, tonight saw daters Aina and Mal judging which nude body may hold the love they look for.

Naturally, people on Twitter couldn't deal with the full frontal bits and bobs hanging out on their screens and the opinions emerge on a whole spectrum.

There was shock...




Many even compared it to classic 90s dating show 'Blind Date'

Despite all the complaints and fuss, people still seemed entertained by the unusual programme.