People are now fuming with Megan over her comments about Dr Alex 3 years ago

People are now fuming with Megan over her comments about Dr Alex

Ah, god.

Can we all just take a seat for a moment, have a breather, and realise that Megan is the mos-... oh, yeah she did just pick Eyal leaving Alex to be rejected for the 25th time since this show started.


Never mind.

Not choosing to couple up with Alex was bad enough like, but it's what Megan started saying afterwards that really grinded people's gears.

Reeeeally grinded them.

Once she decided she wanted to spend all her time with Eyal, Alex went off and got a haircut. Grand.

Then, however, Megan went and started telling people that she still fancied Alex and that she thought he would actually treat her better.

So, essentially she doesn't want anyone else to have him so she's marking him as her own even though she picked someone else.


The snake.

Later on, she went and apologised to Alex about kissing Eyal in front of him and it was probably the most awkward thing that ever happened in the world, maybe?

Alex, in fairness to him though, did call Eyal out for being full on with Megan, but still, that vague reconciliation didn't stop people from getting super angry at Megan on Twitter.

This what they said:




Yet, true.