Phelan might very well kill our favourite Corrie character tonight 3 years ago

Phelan might very well kill our favourite Corrie character tonight

It's all happening on tonight's Coronation Street.

As viewers may already be aware, Michelle Connor will be held hostage by evil Pat Phelan during tonight's episode of the Manchester-based soap.


However, it looks like he could claim another victim too for reports say he will also shoot Sarah Platt.

According to reports today, Phelan ties up Gary Windass and Sarah at the builder's yard but it's thought that Sarah is the one at risk, after getting in the evil villain's firing line.

Sarah is a very popular character and although she left the soap in 2007, she returned in 2015 and people were delighted.


Together with her on-screen daughter Bethany, Sarah has been the focus of a number of pivotal storylines too and if she was tragically killed, it would devastate residents of the Corrie cobbles.

It's thought that Phelan ends up on the doorstep of his former partner, Eileen because he wants to see his grandson.


However, he then ends up in a confrontation with his daughter Nicola, Eileen and Seb Franklin and there are rumours that at least one person will die.

As with all major soap storylines, there are a number of possible outcomes and there's no way of telling what will happen until tonight's episode airs.

Although Phelan's exit has been rumoured a number of times, it's thought that his final episode will air this week so there's not long to wait.

if you're a fan, you'll want to tune in tonight for it's sure to be a dramatic watch...