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Radiohead fans clap along to soundcheck in spectacular fail
Hipster fail?

We have a feeling this could all be an elaborate dig at Radiohead fans...

Radiohead brought down the house at Glastonbury last night closing the show and cementing their status as Rock Gods. Despite their God-like status, it seems their fans were a little too excited before things got going. According to reports emerging today, there were a few technical hitches, and while some people seemed peeved, others were tweeting from the crowd describing the tech rehearsal as 'minimalist' and 'emotionally raw'.

Now, unfortunately, we weren't able to attend Glasto this year, but radio and TV presenter Eoghan McDermott highlighted the so-called 'hipster fail' via his Twitter account.


Despite the hiccup... the gig is already being heralded as legendary. Whatever... we stayed in our pyjamas, watched Crystal Maze and LOVED it.




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