We really can't believe we witnessed so much sex on Love Island last night 1 year ago

We really can't believe we witnessed so much sex on Love Island last night

Well, they left that out of the preview.

Love Island, known to make and break couples, their cheesy chat up lines and cringey one-liners, so fans couldn't believe their eyes while watching last night's episode.


Only a half an hour in, the islanders headed to bed but not before the girls had a little discussion amongst themselves, planning out their next move.

Fans on Twitter are dubbing it a "boring" episode, and while not a whole lot happened, they can't seem to get over the bedroom scenes we all witnessed.

Before heading to bed last night, Liberty, Millie, Faye and Chloe all decided that they'd go all the way with the boys tonight, and started planning out sexy lingerie to wear to bed.


So once lights went out, we all got to see the whole lot of them going at it from under the sheets, and fans can't quite believe it was aired.

The next morning, the girls held a graduation ceremony to celebrate the antics the night before, and as they all openly admitted it, fans went mental on Twitter.



Another said: "I’m sorry but it is weird to shag in a room full of other people shagging."


A third said: "if i was trying to sleep and i had FOUR (4) couples shagging next to me it would send me over the edge."

Another added: "They really just showed the lot of them shagging."

While this was a lot more common in the earlier seasons, the last few years have been a whole lot tamer when it comes to this type of thing, if showing anything at all.

So it's no wonder fans were in utter shock when they had to sit through these shenanigans.