Are You Afraid of the Dark? is coming back and we are terrified 1 year ago

Are You Afraid of the Dark? is coming back and we are terrified

Are You Afraid of the Dark is returning to TV screens and we're scared already.

As a child I was absolutely terrified of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, yet I watched it every single night without fail because clearly, I loved to terrorise myself.

Anyway, I'm not the only one who remembers the absolute FEAR because there's been a huge reaction to the news that Nickelodeon plans to reboot the series.

If you watched the show, you'll know that it involved a group of teenagers, aka The Midnight Society, meeting up to tell scary stories around a campfire in the dead of night.

Sure what could go wrong?

In case you need a little reminding of what went down in these episodes, here's a clip and yes, it's still as scary years on.

With names like The Tale of The Lonely Ghost and The Tale of Vampire Town, it's no surprise we couldn't sleep after tuning in.

The series was supposed to be released alongside the upcoming big-screen version of the film in October, but the movie has since been pushed back.

The series, however, is still in the pipeline for that time.

According to ComicBook, "the beloved anthology series will return this October as a brand-new miniseries and follow new members of the Midnight Society as they gather around a campfire in the woods to share scary stories. The miniseries will coincide with the upcoming Are You Afraid of the Dark? theatrical movie from Paramount Pictures, Paramount Players’, and Nickelodeon Movies, in theatres October 2019."

Are You Afraid of The Dark will return to Nickelodeon around the same time as the Kenan and Kel reboot and we can't wait to see how producers tackle them the second time around.