RTÉ's Operation Transformation as you know it is about to change 3 years ago

RTÉ's Operation Transformation as you know it is about to change

RTÉ's Operation Transformation is reportedly about to undergo a change.

According to reports, the new format will see a number of household faces take part in the popular weight-loss series.

The celebrity mini-series is set to be significantly shorter than the regular show and according to reports, Kathyrn Thomas will reprise her role as presenter.

A source told The Irish Sun:

“Some of the personalities who wanted to get involved were ruled out simply because they weren’t famous enough.

“The whole idea of using well-known faces is that viewers can identify with them, and go on the same journey.”

"The celebs who make it to the slimming TV programme face weeks of exercising and dieting to help those shift the pounds".

RTÉ Operation Transformation 2016 Finale

Fans of Dr Eva will be disappointed to learn that she's not on board for the upcoming spin-off series as she has a number of prior engagements.

Speaking to The Irish Mail, an insider said:

"It is a very exciting prospect. This is not about fat-shaming celebrities. The same ethos applies to the celeb version as the original format and we won’t be humiliating anybody.”

“This is about promoting a healthier lifestyle and getting celebrities on who maybe want to lose a few pounds or change their eating habits is what we are after".

A spokesperson for RTÉ pretty much confirmed the news but no further details have been revealed as of yet.

"We are currently developing a spin-off series of Operation Transformation, which we hope to air in early Autumn.

"However, we're not in a position to comment further on it at this time."

Considering the show has been a success to date, I imagine the ratings for the celebrity spin-off will be through the roof.